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Welcome to Face Asia
FaceAsia is an outsourcing services and solutions provider from vietnam. We provide business outsourcing across a range of services like Ecommerce web development, Ecommerce web design, BPO Services, Offshore Software Development services, Web design, Web Development, Application Development, Content management systems, Back office support services, SEO and more.

FaceAsia - Your Trusted Web Developer

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The professional optimization process of improving search ranking and making your web pages to appear on top of the search engine organic (natural) results with targeted keywords is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO has been proven to yield a higher ROI and most cost-effective in terms of getting targeted traffic to your website and acquisition sales leads than any other forms of online marketing available.

The Need for SEO

Never underestimate the effectiveness of search engines since they drive all customer traffic to your website. This means if you are not listed properly on the major search engines, you are allowing your competition to make more money at your expense. If you want to increase the flow of customer traffic to your website and improve the overall sales, then the best way to do it is to make use of well planned and effective search engine optimization services.

Web Marketing

What is Web Marketing?

Web marketing refers to a broad category of advertising that takes many different forms, but generally involves any marketing activity conducted online.

Marketers have shifted their efforts online because it tends to be significantly less expensive. Many online advertising spaces are free to use. Companies can upload videos to Youtube or start a blog for no cost at all. Other outlets like official websites or paid search marketing cost a fraction of what a major television advertising campaign would.

The web also presents exciting new opportunities for companies to profile their customers. The interactive space of the Internet simplifies a company's ability to track, store, and analyze data about a customer's demographics, personal preferences, and online behavior. This data allows the advertiser to provide a more personalized and relevant ad experience for the customer.

What We Do?

Display Advertising The use of banner ads and other graphical advertisements to market products online.
Search Engine Optimization A free and organic way for companies to improve their visibility on search engines.
Social Media Marketing Using sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers.
Email Marketing Communicating with customers through the use of carefully designed emails.
Referral Marketing Using internet channels to encourage consumers to recommend products to their friends and families.
Affiliate Marketing Working with other businesses to make it easier for consumers to shop for products online.
Microblog Commercial microblogs exist to promote websites, services and products, and to promote collaboration within an organization, include text messaging, instant messaging, E-mail, digital audio or digital video.
Mobile Advertising - Interact mobile users with ads in what they are browsing.

Our Finished Projects

Oil Painting in Thailand
HeroPainting.com - Thailand Oil Painting at Great Price - Bangkok Oil Paintings, Reproduction, Portrait, Original, Painting T-shirts
Thailand Wood Carving
Bangkok Wood Carving, Wood Sculpture Art, Thailand Hand Carved Statues
Bangkok Wood Model Boats and Ships
Bangkok Model Boat Products in Thailand - Handicraft Gifts
Vietnamese Coffee Store in Bangkok
Vietnam Coffee Store in Thailand, Bangkok Coffee - CoffeeVina
Thailand Billiard
Thailand Billiard - Bangkok Cues, Bangkok Pool Bars, Pool Table, Snooker Supplies
Name Wood
Bangkok Custom Wood Logo, Bangkok Wooden Portrait, Wooden Company Logo in Thailand
Australia Directory
Australia Directory, Australian Business, Australian Government, Australia Travel Guide
Healthy Directory
Healthy Directory, Healthy Living Information, Physical Activity Guide

Our Import - Export Products

Police Bodysize Fashion
An online fashion store by Police Bodysize, located in Thailand. Specialize in Men, Women, Kid wear such as: t-shirt, body wear, polo style shirt and accessories.
Police Flipflop Shoes
An online fashion store by Police Bodysize, located in Thailand. Specialize in flipflop shoes.
Thai Silk Scarf
High quality Thai silk scarf. Fashionable at it all fits such as: beach travel, cold scarf, and sunlight cover.
Kid Light T-shirt
Unique t-shirt for kids with light inside. Safe for your kids at night time. Made in Thailand.
Medical Back Support
Made in Thailand back support for medical, construction including knee support and elbow support.
Leather Passport Cover
Thailand leather passport cover. Fashionable and safe for your passport by its water proof. All you go for your passport when traveling.
Thailand Scooter For Sale
Scooter for kids. High techonology and durable quality. Made in Thailand. Best and safe toy for you children.
Two Sides T-shirt Made in Thailand
A great idea for casual wear t-shirt. Change style with two-sides t-shirts. Made in Thailand.

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